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No Paper Needed For Next Generation

One of the things that have drastically changed within the last century is the amount of paper used for publications. With emails, online catalogs, websites and social networking, people are depending more and more upon technology to provide them with reading material. In addition, more people are using their iPads, iPods, notebooks, laptops, cell phones and PCs to read their books, magazines, mail, catalogs and anything else that was once printed on paper.

College students now have the option to download their entire textbooks at a fraction of the cost of a printed book. Most students now check their grades online, email their teachers and check for college meetings online. Of course, students also have the option to take online classes, which involves Skyping other students for meetings and sending homework to teachers as an email attachment.

Educational sites have given us encyclopedias, doctor's journals, and a myriad of information. Even sites like Wikipedia, commonly criticized for its lack of professional opinion, has given us basic information we would not otherwise know. Information about every country, culture and type of people, race and religion can be found by doing a simple search on Google.

The days of using the post office to transmit correspondence has changed. Email has eliminated the need for sending snail mail - it's so much quicker and you will likely get a response within a few hours or days. Even greeting cards are now sent via the Internet. Also, with instant message, social media, texting and Skype, people no longer need to write on paper to correspond with others in a quick and easy way.

Giving gifts has become easier with the Internet. Gifts can be purchased via an online merchant and the gift card can be sent to the recipient. They can then print off the gift card to use at a regular store or they can go one step further and make an online purchase with the card. People are enjoying the convenience and wide variety of items on the Internet.

Most manufacturers, merchants and even wholesalers have learned that they can draw a bigger crowd when having an online catalog available for their consumers, merchants and wholesalers. Software is available that helps one build these online catalogs with stunning graphics, layouts and tons of options. People love to be able to see the wide range of options that are available. Merchants had begun to sell their paper catalogs due to the cost of printing, but online catalogs have basically replaced them, making people happy once again with a full-feature catalog.

Mobile devices and PCs are now used to read books and magazines. With the ability to purchase an online book at the fraction of the cost, consumers are reading more than ever. People have found the Kindle, iPad and Nook some of the best ways to read virtual books.

Is paper going to disappear? Probably not. A great deal of people still want to be able to read a paper book. There's nothing quite like a hand-written letter or receiving a birthday card in the mail. Since technology has made it possible to receive information through the Internet, not as many trees are being destroyed for paper.